It’s a fresh new year and I’m sure like me, you will all have masses of clothing heaping up in an already overcrowded wardrobe. Well make way sooner rather than later, this summer is going to be a spectacle of colour, slick style and most importantly, newness. So what can we learn from the brands, where can we adopt great looks in a stylish Refined way?

Over the next few weeks, we will look at how to rearrange your wardrobe, we will consider the must have’s, the basics, and what you can finally allow your lady to throw away.

The Green House Effect

We will start by looking at a huge colour trend and in my opinion a great addition for any man this year; the colour Green. Now, this is a huge ask for any man, even for one as bold as myself I would have to consider how I would incorporate such a colour into my look. Remember gents, you are not restricted to any particular hue of Green; however, I would be careful mixing them all together. Keep it simple if you are no usually adventurous in your colour choices, you may not be as cool as Davidson Frere to get away with this.

The Basics

Getting the basics right is key to pulling off this look, be smart in your choices, I don’t want you to throw good money away. If you are a style novice but want to add this hue to your existing wardrobe, why not start with a t-shirt or shirt. The ease of either item can easily be forgiven if you make a drastic error, it also means not spending a fortune.

Where to buy

Uniqlo is amazing with their grasp on basics, The ability to mix and match with almost any product in their range is a man’s best ally. The brand has an uncanny knack for producing great t-shirts, the cotton is of a high quality, and remains in shape even after many washes. Find your way to their site here

2017 must have colour t-shirt

Clean, Sharp And Suited

2017 must have colour blazer

Green is not a colour one automatically thinks of when deciding what suit to buy. Actually, it would be the last shade in my mind. However, the best news for men is; the brands have made light work of many versions of this hue, so we can all enjoy. If you’re a daring man, the green head to toe look can look sumptuous, just make sure you don’t end up looking like Kermit the frog.

The olive shade works best here, check out Ryan Gosling, now here is a man who knows how to dress well. Pair this with a with a beautiful light blue or darker shirt and a navy tie, the right hue of orange as a tie, can also work here quite well. If a full green suit scares the living daylights out of you, fear not, a great blazer  (or sports coat) can work well too. A blue or white shirt adapts this look stylishly well, pair white chinos or denim to fully champion a truly delightful ensemble.

Where to buy

This is a style which should be carefully curated, I would definitely advise trying this suit on first. Head to you nearest SUIT SUPPLY to peruse their styles of this palette. If you want to spend a little more, head over to of course one of my favorites Ralph Lauren. Check Suit Supply here

Small Styles

You can easily enjoy the green phase by just adding little subtle touches to an outfit. A green pocket to an existing suit can just as effectively as a green tie. We can always do better gentlemen, why not try olive green trainers or boots?

As the Spring season kicks up a notch, enjoy this colour to its fullest. Remember to be aware of the other shades you choose to involve in your look, this can make or break you dandy sophistication.

2017 must have colour boots

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