Staying trendy can be a tad bit difficult for men in the modern world of today. Fashion is one thing that keeps the men up to date and trendy throughout. Men’s fashion is still trendy and rules the world irrespective of the fact that they are born on the streets or magazine pages.

Key summer looks

Crisp White Shirts

Every woman loves a man in crisp white shirts. It gives him a trendy, yet sophisticated style that no woman can prevent glaring at. Obviously clean, sparkling white clothes are a sign of being classy and sophisticated, but it is also one of the latest fashion trends. Pair a clean white shirt with slim fit jeans for a casual look or a pair of smart trousers for more formal attire. Always be aware of the style of shoes you are pairing with your look, not all shapes work with all types of looks.

Remember, your shoes should match your belt!

Tailored Shorts

When a man wears tailored shorts, it adds a touch of sophistication to his attire. Instead of wearing those baggy cargo size shorts that are sold at most stores, tailored shorts look a lot better. On top of that it also makes you the center of attention for every woman out there. You can wear it at cocktail parties (only the most stylish of men can pull this off, you have been warned), terrace parties, and all. It gives a man a sophisticated look that is cool and chic at the same time at both work places and parties.

Wear loafers with it, but do eliminate the socks!

Key summer looks
Key summer looks

Smart Trousers

Make a tailored update to your formal and casual wardrobe and embrace a smart appeal with ‘tailored to fit’ trousers. From tapered trousers that will get you ready for work or wide legged styles perfect for a night out, smart trousers have them all. The wool blended trouser style will have any man covered with the modern fit and preppy trends – an essential for every man.

Smart slim fit trousers are the way to go this season!

Loose Suits

Tailored suits are so out of fashion. Wear suits that are loose but obviously your size with crisp shirts. Get rid of the tie and show off your chest by leaving the top buttons open. All the women out there will surely fall for this look of yours.

It goes well with high neck shirts as well.

Key summer looks

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