Joop! “Wow”! Eau de Toilette

The striking feature of Wow as a perfume is its colour. It has a golden looking orangey liquid colour like a whisky in a mini-tester container bottle. It is not too strong when applied and also possess a short lifespan of say 5-6 hours before fading. This makes it suitable for occasions that require minimal fragrance effect. Wow is most suitable for events like presentations, seminars, job interviews etc. It can be applied lightly on the cloth immediately after getting ready to go out. I like using Wow because of the portability of the bottle as it can be carried around and spread on when need be.

Best summer colognes - Joop! Wow! Eau de Toillete
Best summer colognes - Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue “Beauty Of Capri”

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue “Beauty Of Capri”

Beauty of Capri was introduced by the popular company Dolce & Gabbana owing to the rise in beach life activities by people who seek fun and adventure. It is most suitable for men who find taking a walk with their lover on the beach interesting. The fragrance has a natural appearance and sticks around for a long period of time before vanishing.

Giorgio Armani’s “Acqua Di Gio”

The aquatic, Acqua Di Gio is one of the essential colognes that is recommended for every man to possess in his fragrance collection. Acqua Di Gio has a scent of freedom, of water and a cool calm, and is best worn during summer periods. It is made with the combination of lemon, lime, and sea notes which can be noticed from the time it is sprayed on the body. It is most suitable during the daytime summer season for special events like parties and beach life. This fragrance is best applied first on the neck, then go ahead to put some on your wrist and chest and together dab and never rub it up.

Best summer colognes Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio
Best summer colognes Paul Smith - Sunshine

Paul Smith’s “Sunshine”

After the first launch of the fragrance in 2010, it has always been re-released into the market only during the summer months. It is unique from other fragrance because it is light and has a wearable woody scent with a cedar and oakmoss base. It is required that Sunshine cologne should be sprayed 2-4 times on your shirt’s front if you are the type that has a skin that doesn’t hold scents for a long time. As the name implies, it is best used during the sunny weather of the summer season.

Burberry’s “Mr Burberry”

Burberry named this fragrance after his name “Mr Burberry”. This could be because the fragrance is a representative of his personality. Mr Burberry is a woody and vigorous scent for the contemporary man. It is best used for events that take place during the summer night. Mr Burberry is better sprayed once on each neck edge, just right below the earlobe, then at the back of the neck close to the hairline.

Best summer colognes - Mr Burberry
Best summer colognes - Calvin Klein CK All Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein’s CK All Eau de Toilette

CK All is a very refreshing concoction that unseals with citrus notes which include Mandarin. It is made mostly of citrus blossom and Paradisone molecule. CK All Eau de Toilette has a subtle scent that is fitting to be worn as often as you desire. It is the choice of most men because it does not have spices or harsh tones but is made of a base of citrus with some added floral. This made it very attractive and addictive. As slight as the scent is, it still possesses a notable long lifespan. It is best sprayed during the day owing to its durability as it can stay on for the whole array of daily activities. Just spray it three to four times around your neck, ankles, and chest and leave it to last for you for the day.

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