A MAN REFINED: What Does This Really Mean

We spend our time as men chasing dreams and socially acceptable goals, all in the name of success. Who defines what we are or instigates our path in the world. Do we follow the advice of our parents or peer groups, or is mainstream media that good at selling us false dreams?

Let’s be honest, we all want the security and stability within our lifetime, but how many of us were taught how to achieve a sustainable life in school or college? How many of us understand how to order a truly sumptuous bottle of wine, or to cook a delicious dish from scratch? Better yet, how many of us out there believe in the rights of education for all or have helped in impoverished neighborhoods, not to mention do the school run when we can, not when we are forced.

We believe as men, our part in society should be based on what we give back and learn, not just what achieve. We celebrate the successful entrepreneurs but not the stay at home fathers. We drool over celebrities, their lives and model girlfriends, yet we give no thoughts to survivors of war, or the surgeons patching them up.

We have traveled far and wide as people and a generation, but know nothing about ourselves, what moves us from within, what makes us want to settle or where we are heading.

Well this online magazine is just that – for the man who wants a little more from his existence than fame, and the trappings it may bring. We aim to focus on lasting style, not fashion. Delving deep into all manner of men’s behavior, with an added touch of etiquette and less of monotonous advertising. Oh, of course, with some fun on the side.

This our first issue, is your foray into a different world, with the touch of realism and sensibility you have been craving.

Welcome to A MAN REFINED.

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