Classy Dropp Kits

Dropp Kits are smaller bags that are specifically designed for storing personal care belongings for men. This bag is best used for carrying all toiletries like toothpaste, razor blades, toilet tissue, cologne, aftershave and other personal items that you are travelling with. Dropp Kits aid these sensitive items from destroying your nicely packed clothes and electronics from damage and harm in any form.

The price of Dropp Kits ranges from $30-$40 or more, depending on the brand, design and quality.

Best luggage
Best luggage

Thick Garment Bags

This is essential for men who put on suits and need well-ironed shirts. You many think of embarking on your journey with a strong garment bag if you belong to this category. The need to travel with this bag comes when you have to hang your clothing in an upright way all through your trip.

A quality business rolling garment bag can sell at the price of $40 to as much as $1200 based on the brand and the style of the design.

Duffel Bags

As can be seen, this bag is mostly used by many “On-the-go” travellers. The Duffel Bag is very simple, light and a durable bag that can be put over the shoulder when travelling. Some do come with wheels that can be put on the ground and dragged. The Duffel bag reflects a passion for adventures and love for the great outdoors. It is designed of high quality for any travel no matter the season.

To get this bag, asking prices start at $99 to $216 as deemed fit by different makers using different criteria like shipping cost.

Best luggage
Best luggage

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano bags

It is one thing to carry a bag and another thing to carry a solid bag that will last the test of time. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano has designed a masculine monochromatic “carry-on” suitcases for real men who are set to travel by air, which requires quality and strength. This bag looks military-esque and is made from tough as aluminium nails. The price of this bag can get you a flight ticket but nevertheless, it is still worth the money.

You have to budget between $1500 – $1800 if you desire to travel with one of Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano’s exotic bags.


It is not necessary to return to college to understand the portability and ease of putting on the backpack when moving around. The backpack is commonly used by men for shoes and clothing in addition to a major bag they are travelling with. This bag is essential when you want to separate your clothing from your other valuables. It is obvious that this bag is not meant to carry a heavy load, avoid causing strain to the back and only use this for light travels.

The price of backpack bags ranges from $40-$1000 in most stores. Our favourite has to be the sleek and simple designs of Saint Laurent, cleans lines with a great shape.

Best luggage
Best luggage

Oppermann Leather Bags

This leather bag was designed by Oppermann specifically for men who have class. Every bag of Oppermann conveys durability, craftsmanship and aesthetics that most men desire. The Oppermann bag is regarded as the new lord in the world of leather bags. It has clean lines with nice architectural design and geometric shapes.

You can make four different choices from the Oppermann collection, depending on your taste. Oppermann’s bag can be purchased at an average price of $445

Messenger Bags

As the name implies, this is a bag for fast accessibility. It fits comfy around the hip while walking through the airport. Messenger bags have enough capacity for housing items that require easy accessibility on the flight, such as a laptop, phone and its accessories. Depending on what your style is, there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

You can get messengers bag from the price range of $550 to $1600.

Best luggage

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