What does the word “Caribbean” bring to mind? Pristine white sandy beaches? Luxurious seaside spas? Incredible crystal-clear waters? You can have all this and more if you spend your summer holidays on one of the Caribbean’s top luxury islands! Wondering where to start? Take a look at our list of islands with upscale dining, off-the-beaten-path resorts, and incredible tropical experiences.

1. Antigua

Caribbean Antigua

Antigua is perhaps the Caribbean’s premier luxury destination. Why not? It is filled with stunning beaches and unforgettable experiences! Carlisle Bay is an excellent, out-of-the-way resort to stay at. You’ll find yourself tucked into a pristine niche in the verdant hills, steps away from a beautiful white sandy beach. Get dinner at Lobster Alive for high-end authentic Caribbean cuisine. If you get tired of the beaches, head to Fort Barrington for some exploration and history.

2. Barbuda

Caribbean Barbuda

Antigua’s smaller brother, Barbuda, is no less stunning. For tranquility and finery, stay at Lighthouse Bay Resort, a boutique hotel located on a strip of white sand in the sea. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nearby North Beach, and taste local favorites at ArtCafe, a unique dining experience in an art gallery. Be sure to spend some time in the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, appreciating the beauty of the Caribbean’s wildlife.

3. St. Barths

Caribbean St. Barths

It’s no secret that St. Barths is a luxury destination. After all, it is home to the famous Eden Rock Resort, a favorite hangout of celebrities! However, it does have its secret charms too. Le Barthelemy Hotel and Spa is less well known but even more fantastic, featuring incredible swimming pools, luxurious spa services, and an awesome view. Not far away, you can eat at Aux Amis, a delicious Mediterranean restaurant. While you’re on the island, do check out the beautiful Gouverneur Beach.

4. Anguilla

Caribbean Anguilla

The Four Seasons Resort in Anguilla is undoubtedly the fanciest place on the island, but you can enjoy more tranquility and less flashiness when you stay at the Manoah Boutique Shoal Bay. This is a fairly new hotel, so you can get the best of modern amenities in the charm of Anguilla’s classic beach, Shoal Bay Beach. While you’re there, dine at Madeariman in Shoal Bay Village. Be sure to explore the caves—they’re hard to find but worth it.

5. St. Martin

Caribbean St. Martin

Saint Martin isn’t one of the Caribbean’s top luxury destinations overall, but it does have a handful of excellent luxury resorts tucked away in its furthest-flung corners. One of the best all-inclusive resorts is Riu. This extravagant beach resort is nestled into a sandy bay between the island’s green hills. A short drive over the hills and down the road will bring you to the beachfront dining district of Grand Case, where you have to try Ocean 82. For a taste of luxury in the middle of a tropical rainforest, head to the re-purposed plantation Loterie Farm, where you’ll find a gorgeous swimming pool, challenging hiking, and high-end dining.

Breana Johnson

Breana Johnson is an American writer who specializes in bringing life and excitement to the dynamic word of travel. As a former Caribbean expat, she has a penchant for palm trees, tropical smoothies, and infinity pools. Preferably all three at once. You can follow Breana's blog at 3rdCultureWife.com.