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Best membership clubs Soho house

Soho house was established in 1995 in London as a secluded membership club for those in the creative industries. Since that time, it has sprung to all over Europe and Northern America, with the inclusion of workspaces, restaurants, cinemas, bedrooms and spas.

Soho House & Co can boast of 18 clubs around the globe, with much more to come. The mission of Soho House is to make a home from home for each of their members, with comfortable surroundings the key element. There are four categories of membership available for people who wish to join the Soho House which is, Under 27 Every House, Local House, Every House and Under 27 Local House.

Why join Soho House Club?

The brand prides its self on being about its creative clientele and for like-minded people. Not every city has a Soho House, hence the creation of the two other membership options. The U27 Every House and Every House, allow members to enjoy access to free member events and screenings in all Soho houses, 20% off member’s rate for all hotel rooms.

Membership fees for Soho House & Co

Soho House has $1,250 for their Under 27 Every House and $2,500 for their Every House membership types.

The Capital Club in Dubai

Best membership clubs Capital club Dubai

The capital Club located in Dubai was founded in 2008 and is a prime private Club located in the centre of the financial district in DIFC. This Club has a connection with more than 250 top private clubs all over the world as a segment of her reciprocal club network.

Why join The Capital Club?

Like the club indicates, membership is strictly by invitation only, such is the importance of the clientele. Here, you will find founders of companies, chairmen, directors, CEOs, Managers and Partners in their various organizations. Another exclusive advantage of being a member of the club is; exceptional location, security and privacy, excellent employees and managers, the ultimate engaging venue with best amenities, making use of the meeting rooms without paying any rental fees and access to more than 250 Global Associate Clubs.

Membership fees for The Capital Club

It costs averagely Dh 55,000 to obtain membership slot for an individual and Dh 57,500 for membership categories for a corporate member. Meanwhile, it cost Dh 1000 every month to remain a member of the club.

Sei Club

Best membership clubs SEI club

This is a private membership club that specializes in matchmaking for those who are accustomed to excellence. Their objective is to make life beautiful, meaningful, balanced and peaceful for all the members. Sei Club can be found in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, London, and Geneva-cote d’Azur.

Why join The SEI Club?

They offer the best dating and acquaintance experience for any day with complete relaxation and fun in all aspects. The club caters to potential couples who find intellectual stimulation and refinery at the top of their dating wish lists.

And for the female members, connecting with true gentlemen who understand the finer points of etiquette is all available at SEI club. These men can boast having the warmth, attractiveness, intelligence and sophistication that goes with being an elite member. This club is also for people looking for long term relationships that will lead to marriage.

Membership fees for the SEI Club

As an international private dating and matchmaking club, it has an application/entrance fee of $495. Other membership fees are as follow:
For Elite Memberships, the price ranges from $5,700-$9,200 per annum. For private members, the price is between $16,000-$112,000. And for Unlimited members, they pay between $50,000 to $660,000

Devonshire Club

Best membership clubs Devonshire Club

The Devonshire Club was launched by SUSD, a creative consultant in real estate, and spearheaded by Harry Harris, a co-founder. Their work started with interior designers, White & March, with the intention of offering comfort and functionality to their members. Devonshire Club has Harry Harris, Aret Kapetanovic, Brian Clivaz, Oliver Lesnik, Oto Horacek and others as executives. The club is situated in the heart of London City and was opened in 2016.

Why join Devonshire Club?

Devonshire Club has glamorous and luxurious houses. Every member of the club is offered a lavish space to unwind and do business, as it draws the attention of financiers and the city professionals, including creative executives that stay in Hoxton and Shoreditch. They are also granted complete access to all the equipment and facilities available, including the best bedrooms’ rates, special booking consideration, and utilizing the lounge, garden and bars. Their members are mainly through referrals, any applicant who is presented for consideration must pass through a rigorous committee first.

Membership fees for the Devonshire Club

£2,400, plus £2,400 joining fee. There is also a £24,000 Debenture Memberships options available.

The Arts Club, Mayfair

Best membership clubs The Arts Club

Founded in the year 1863, The Arts Club is a club for men with vision, in one way or the other, these men have something to do with Sciences, Literature and Arts. The club is meant to provide a sanctuary and breeding ground for new discussions and topical interaction. This special opportunity for friendship has been offered by the club over decades.

Why join The Arts Club?

The club boasts of being a centre for entrepreneurs and creatives to exchange their thoughts and ideas and proffer solutions to issues that interest them. There is a special benefit for people under the age of 30 which is a discounted annual subscription fee of £1000. New members are admitted on every 1st day of January in every year.

Membership fees for The Arts Club

£2,000, plus £2,000 joining fee with other membership packages.

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