As you brave public transport, cold windy conditions and a random stranger sneezing on you, it’s hard not to be depressed. The summer months seem to be a distant dream, sipping cocktails by the pool, eating BBQ food and laughing into the early hours with good friends, can’t come quick enough.

You may feel like you want to curl up in a ball and let the dryness of the winter months pass you over. However, we are refined men, and nothing will stop us achieving our goals, whilst looking damn fine doing it. So, we have collected for you the 3 best skin care products to keep your spirits high and your face gleaming.

1. Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel

If like me, you’re in dire need of some facial therapy, look no further than Clinique and their Anti-Fatigue eye gel. I have never been one to put much emphasis on treatments, skin regimes or other such fanciful experimentations, they always seemed like a waste of time or gimmick. Until on flight home from Hong Kong, in my business class goodie bag, I discovered a revelation.

The cooling ingredients in this wonderful eye gel, help to reduce the dark circles and puffiness caused by a hectic work and social life. This will not stop the ageing process may I add, but it will make your skin feel hydrated and less like a character from LOTR. So, it completely makes sense to me to pack it for a long-haul flight. This is a must for the gentleman who burns the candle at both ends. Available at for $32.

Skincare for winter
Skincare for winter

2. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

Now that I am refining my regimes and the effects are evident, I am clearly hooked. The idea of looking good in style and clothing, yet ignoring my most treasured asset, seems ludicrous now.

My newest discovery is Kiehl’s Facial Fuel. This is to the skin, what Pocari Sweat is to the body after a late night of serious libations. The Soy and Chestnut extracts, fused together with vitamin C and E help rejuvenate that leather appearance you call a face. All that in mind, it really does deserve the name FUEL. Enrich your life and purchase your tube here –

3. Perricone MD Super Clean Face Wash

After a hectic day navigating the Dubai sun and sand, the best feeling in the world is a shower. As your face takes the brunt of the harsh conditions, be it extreme heat or strange sandstorms, an excellent facial wash is required. Made by the Cbx team Perricone MD is a super face wash like no other. The PHYTOCANNABINOIDS antioxidants work to soothe your battered skin and wash away any impurities. The hemp ingredients, coupled with a woody smell, help to relieve you of the oils and grime collected from your daily routine.

Skincare for winter

Winter and its long draining months will be over soon, but until then, remember to treat your skin with care and respect. Of course, there is no miracle cure for ageing, that I’m afraid we cannot help you with. By spending half an hour every few days to cleanse, exfoliate and treat weather battered skin, you can help yourself immensely, not mention leaving you feeling fresh and appearing less tired.

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