Are you hoping to visit Europe this summer? Whether Europe is an annual tradition for you or a lifelong dream, you’ll be sure to find somewhere new and exciting to visit! There are endless destinations in Europe, so you’ll never run out of great places to go. We’ve put together a list of awesome summer European destinations for travellers on any budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury or pinching pennies, there’s a European vacation waiting for you. Read on to see our favourite spots for any budget!

Ultra Luxury

Paris, France

Stay at the Four Seasons, George V. You’ll be dropping a cool $2,500 for a single night, but your stay in this ultra-lux resort will be well worth the cost. The hotel is veritably dripping with crystal and art! This hotel is also near luxurious spas, high-end dining by Michelin Star chefs, and the most famous of Paris’ attractions.

The Aegean Sea

Best Spots in Europe Aegean

The Aegean Sea is the gateway to many top European destinations, including Athens, Turkey, and the Greek Islands. You can travel the seas in style on a luxury cruise while getting to experience many of Europe’s top ports. At each place, you’ll find incredible dining, shopping, and entertainment! For $8,000, you can stay in a spectacular suite on the Sea Cloud, a small cruise ship that resembles a historic tall ship.


The Italian Countryside

Best Spots in Europe Italian Countryside

Skip the crowds and fanfare of the city, and relax in the country. There are many options you can choose from when staying in the Italian countryside, from a private historic castle to a regal centuries-old villa with views of agricultural fields. This is an excellent place to stay when you want to experience the best of Europe’s wine culture!


Best Spots in Europe Monaco

This tiny European country is populated with billionaires, so it’s little wonder that it is also a playground for luxury travellers. While Monaco’s main draw is the Monte Carlo Casino, you can also enjoy the seaside, museum-going, and a tour of the Prince of Monaco’s palace.


Amalfi Coast

Best Spots in Europe Amalfi Coast

All 34 miles of the Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a testament to its historic beauty. When you visit this beautiful part of Italy, you’ll have the chance to spend time at some of the world’s top-rated beaches while also exploring hundreds of years of history. Don’t forget to purchase some of the region’s famous ceramics!


Best Spots in Europe Santorini

This is arguably Greece’s most beautiful island. You’ve probably seen the photos of this place—beautiful white seaside buildings with Azure rooftops and stunning views to characterise the island. Here, you’ll find some of the best sunsets in the world and incredible Mediterranean food.

Hidden Gem


Best Spots in Europe Prague

This Czech city is probably Europe’s most beautiful, and it’s also one of its least expensive. You can stay in a nice place and get around without spending too much money, so you’ll have plenty left over for excursions and activities. If you want to experience a classic Old World city without all the bells and whistles, this is a great place to do it.

Luxembourg City

Best Spots in Europe Luxembourg

The main city of the tiny nation Luxembourg is a stunning yet often-forgotten destination. This is a great place for foodies and history buffs to visit since it has amazing European dining options, fine wines, and incredibly beautiful historic architecture. You can find some very old castles and churches to explore here for a low price.

Perfect for Two


Best Spots in Europe Sofia

Bulgaria’s capital city is one of least expensive major cities in Europe. While you’ll be able to enjoy this budget destination without breaking the bank, you can still expect to experience the best of historic Europe’s charms. You won’t find any of the top European icons here, but you will find lovely architecture and plenty of interesting attractions.


Best Spots in Europe Latvia

While most of Northern Europe is pretty pricey, Latvia is a notable exception. This country seems to be several decades behind the rest of Europe – in a nice way. Latvia has preserved its cultural heritage well! You can experience authentic local culture here and get new insight on the way the world used to be.

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