If you’ve ever admired any man or women in the spotlight, (no shame in that, I do too) you realise there are significant style tips one can learn. We can all learn from one another and what better way to learn about style, grace, and etiquette than from someone you appreciate. So let’s run through the top 5 best-dressed men on the planet.

Number 5 – David Gandy

Not only is this man a handsome chap and accomplished, he is also gifted at putting great attire together too. I mean it gets to the point where you want to punch him for being so suave (please don’t actually do this; he’s a really nice guy).The best thing about Mr. Gandy is his attention to detail, and colour balancing, you can visibly see he thinks about his coordination. It’s such a shame the stiffs at Marks and Spencer couldn’t harness the man’s style credentials within their own range.

How To Emulate:

David Gandy’s success is down to one rule, follow this and this only. KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS, it’s no great secret, he has his clothes tailored, this means every outfit he wears actual fits him properly. The other advice gentlemen balance your colours well. This man knows how to turn up to any occasion and stand out, waistcoats and hats being his key pieces.

Best Style Moment:

Take your pick, too many to mention on here. Check him out and you will know what I mean!!

David Gandy

Number 4 – Andrew Weitz

Now I’m not the kind of man that promotes stalking or any strange behavior of any type, but there is always one exception to any rule, his name is Andrew Weitz. A former Hollywood talent agent turned style guru; this man has the term DEBONAIR style in spades. To be in the same league as Andrew Weitz, you need bags of confidence, an eye for subtle yet striking pieces and a huge amount of BALLS.

How To Emulate:

The reason I admire Mr. Weitz is his ability to recognise his own worth. He doesn’t shy away from what the corporate world would deem too bold or garish, he simply does not care. While he conforms to the office style, he does it with his own admitted twist. Do something different gentlemen if you want to stand out, I like the classic look as much as the next guy, but splash some colour onto it. Add a pocket square or a new shape of glasses.

Best Style Moment:

Whether it’s a gala dinner hosted by Tommy Hilfiger and Dylan Jones, or it’s a drinks party for the Hollywood reporter, Andrew Weitz shows up decked to the nines. Check out his website to find out more theweitzeffect.com

Andrew Weitz

Number 3 – David Beckham

It may be obvious to some of you, but this man has been doing men’s fashion and style a service for so long, I can’t remember when he didn’t exist. Gone are the days of the sarong, bleached blonde curtains or man bun, but what has remained constant is David Beckhams unrivaled style. This is the man who single-handedly inspired (for the wrong reasons) British men to don an Alice band. Now an older and dare I say a wiser man, the looks have become more elegant on his sartorial days, and cultured rugged on his off days.

How To Emulate:

Where do I start to explain the vast range of diverse looks Mr. Beckham has. The truth is, He is best at dressing within the seasons, David Beckham knows how to wear staple pieces effortlessly well. If you look at his winter style, he always has a statement shawl cardigan, flannel checked shirt and boots. Catch him in the summer, he will be wearing a chambray shirt buttoned to the neck, or one of his many white t-shirt James Dean style looks.

Best Style Moment:

This is a hard moment to nail down as this man is rarely caught not being a style icon. If I’m pushed into a decision, I would say his 2014 Wimbledon tennis look was outstanding. Not only did he pick the best colours, his club tie made a great pulled the ensemble together.

David Beckham

Number 2 – Tom Ford

This man needs no introduction, his label says it all, Tom Ford is the reason why the word sophisticated was invented, he is the reason Gucci became even more famous than they already were, and the reason Harvey Specter looks so damn good in Suits. A master of branding, style and generally anything he touches, Tom Ford also knows how to shape his own classic style.

How To Emulate:

A tailored look is simple and straight forward. Take all the money you were going to spend on high street brands, go to a tailor and have your clothes made. As I’ve stated before, every man should own at least one tailored suit, and believe me, if you go once, you won’t stop. Master your own self-image, buy wide lapel jackets to accentuate your masculinity. BUY BUY BUY a range of crisp white shirts and keep them unbuttoned when worn with a suit, like a deep V, and remember great accessories are always a bonus.

Number 1 – Ryan Gosling

So last but not least, the man of the hour, and guy who we can all relate to in some way. Let’s forget for a moment his fantastic career and the huge success of his latest offering La La Land, the fact he’s married to Eva Mendes, or that he is generally an all-around great guy. The secret ingredient in his armory, Mr. Gosling knows exactly when and where to impress or downplay his look.

How To Emulate:

Take a leaf out of Ryan Gosling’s red-carpet appeal; try something you would never have thought of before. The style of a man can be best seen in his confidence, the ability to elevate yourself above the rest, take risks and remain steadfast with your choices. Take Ryan Gosling’s hair, for example, it hasn’t changed in the last 5 years, but he wears it so well, and why should he. If you explore his off camera look, he adores wearing boots and graphic t’s, rolled up sleeves on his casual shirts and a real hipster feel. There is a reason he is the darling of Hollywood currently, and long may it continue, these are the men we need.

Ryan Gosling

Honorable Mentions

Idris Elba – Super cool, very subtle style, amazing guy.

Eddiee Redmayne – Forgive him for Jupiter Ascending, love him for his suits.

Luke Evans – Sartorially, he’s a monster, especially when he puts on his style face, a talent yet to be truly unleashed.

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