Dubai is fast becoming the best place in the world for design and creative innovations; why else would Elon Musk be championing the city. As a growing metropolis full of entrepreneurial spirit, eclectic diversity and forward thinking vision, who knows what the region’s skyline will feel like in 5 years, let alone 15.

As the face of technology evolves at a rapid pace, you wouldn’t have believed just 25 years ago the city was dominated by sand, but that is no longer the case – and here is what we can expect in the coming five years.

The Hyperloop

Have you ever wanted to get to a destination but couldn’t wait to get there? Now Dubai has an invention for you. The Hyperloop aims to cut your travel into a fraction of its normal time. Imagine getting from Dubai to London in just 3 hours, now that’s what I call speed, and very soon this will be a possibility. However, right now we will have to settle for Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes (yes, I said 12 minutes).

How Does It Work?

The Hyperloop system consists of capsules, these all combine together in a depressurized vacuum tunnel under water; this can project its passengers to speeds of up to 1,200 km/h. The teams have yet to decide whether to run the infrastructure above ground or under water from point to point, either way, it’s still pretty awesome.

The RTA and the project team from Hyperloop One have combined forces to create the stuff of Science Fiction dreams, for this, we cannot wait. This will add another reason to shoot more Star Trek movies in Dubai, to see the beginnings in action look here

Flying Cars

When you’re living in a fast paced city with lots of cars, it’s inevitable that you will spend some time stuck in traffic or face situations you wish you could avoid, like being late for a meeting or missing a flight. Well, this news will make your day, It certainly made mine.

The age of the flying car has finally arrived and I’m currently saving my money to buy one. Flying cars in my view, have taken way too long. Growing up, like most boys, everything from Back to the Future 2 I desperately wanted. Now, we are literally 4 months away from the first airborne automobiles, and the companies to thank, Chinese firm Ehang and the boys at the RTA.

What to expect

If the news is to be believed, the RTA and Ehang expect the autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) in the skies and zipping around town by July 2017.

The amazing part about the new cars, they are completely driverless. The first car of its kind was unveiled at the World Government Summit in Dubai on the February 17th  this year and has already been tested for safety and human compatibility.

How it works

The Ehang 184 uses a sophisticated navigational system to transport its passengers from location to location. The crafts have a touchscreen display fitted directly in front of their customers, this allows the occupant to highlight and choose their destination. A map display will guide the user to a previously submitted destination, like work or home, whilst having a set of preset routes it can also navigate. A ground-based team will be on hand to keep a monitor on all flights, safety is, of course, a concern for all involved.

The Tesla World

It seems Tech companies love the UAE right now and they don’t come bigger than Elon Musk and Tesla. The company’s expansion plans are getting bigger and bolder, and Dubai is part of their dream. There hasn’t been a better match in history since Jayne Torvill laid eyes on Christopher Dean, yet Tesla and Dubai have done just that. The goal and mission for Tesla – make Dubai one of its biggest electric car suppliers in the Middle East. The plan for Dubai – to make Dubai a green conscious society.

Mr. Musk and his team arrived in Dubai back in February to unveil great news, the Model S and Model X would be available in Dubai for purchase, an online order system is now open to you (if you have AED 275,000 or AED 344,000 spare cash lying around) and I’m sure, just like La La Land, this will be a huge hit. As a driver, you also have the option of a fully autonomous package, now those long drives from Dubai to Sharjah don’t seem that bad.

Check out our previous article on the two models to see exactly what bang you get for your buck.

Tesla Cars

The Dubai Canal

Now the first phase is completed and looking mighty impressive, the Dubai Canal has added another feature to a city already bursting with invention and style. There is much more to come as this incredibly ambitious plan takes shape, the next year 3 years or so will see the continued construction and development of the Jumeirah area, turning this part of town into a real tourist hotspot.

  • The first Phase cost the government Dhs580 million, now what does this buy you? Well, Sheikh Zayed Road now has eight lanes that flow in either direction, the road was lifted in order for the canal to pass beneath.
  • The next phase was the creation of new bridges, these are situated on Jumeirah Beach Road and the Al Wasl Road, the cost of this, a mere Dhs384 million, money well spent in my view. If you have a yacht and you want to sail down this beautiful canal, you’re in luck, the bridges will allow boat sizes of up to 8.5 meters high to glide along under it.
  • Last, but by no means least, the final phase – The connecting of The Arabian Gulf with Dubai Creek via Al Safa Park and Jumeirah 1. The cost of this is estimated to be around Dhs802 million, with the work involved, I’m not surprised. Four marine transit stations, three pedestrian bridges, and a man-made peninsula all feature in the scope of work.

Only a city this ambitious would consider some of the great stuff mentioned, H.H. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE has truly pushed his father’s legacy forward.

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