If you are one of the lucky ones who get the bonus issue, while some splashing of a small part of the bonus is definitely in order, after all, you have worked hard for the money, there are ways of spending it that will actually give you peace of mind, improve your general status and your quality of life in the coming year.

Here Are Some Ideas On Luxury Toys and Gifts You Can Spend The Bonus Issue That Will Definitely Be To Your Advantage

Single Malt Scotches from The Balvenie

Distilled in Scotland’s Speyside region, a 50-year old single-malt Balvenie already tops the world’s most luxurious whisky list. If one bottle appears a bit too much, attempt Distillery Style, a limited-edition, five-bottle set of whiskies with age expressions from 10-47 years, full-fledged American oak barrels with tasting notes that have “honey, vanilla, butterscotch” and “juicy tropical fruits complemented by earthy cinnamon and ginger.” There’s a new set coming every year; this years offering arrives in a wood-and-brass box, along with a book by master distiller David Stewart.

The RMS05 Fountain Pen

RMSO5 Foutain pen

From Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, this is a writing instrument to be cared about, and deeply. A sublime contraption crafted from a Grade 5 titanium base and bridge, sapphire crystal window, rhodium-plated wheels and a hand-polished nib made of 18K white gold, the RMSO5 incorporates the same technology on display in many of Mille’s timepieces.

Bentley Golf Clubs

Bentley golf clubs

Bentley might be better known for its luxury cars (and luxury golf carts). Now, they’re driving (hey-o!) into a new market. Noting that up to 70% of their customers are golf fans, the British marquee just introduced a set of irons, drivers and flat sticks that’ll up your game … style-wise, at least. We’re referring to grips produced from alligator shaft and skin that borrow NASA-level space tech.

Bernie Madoff’s Gold Watch

Bernie Madoff Gold Watch

To recoup the $64 billion in losses schemed up by Ponzi man Bernie Madoff, the fed have turned to auctions. This present one features some nice accessories: a jewel-encrusted bracelet, an emerald necklace, a gold money clip, etc. But most fascinatingly, there’s a rather handsome 18-carat gold Patek Philippe Two Register Chronograph dating from the 1940s. Let it serve as a conversation piece … or a reminder of ill-gotten gains.

Bvlgari Goldea by Bvlgari – Eau De Parfum

Bvlgari Godea

Bvlgari Goldea is a new fragrance by the house of Bvlgari that has been described as a tribute to the gold and femininity inspired by the golden goddess of beauty and sun. The fragrance was developed by famed perfumer Alberto Morillas and oozes of a luminous oriental-floral aura that can never go unnoticed. Goldea opens to a refreshing radiant top of bergamot and orange blossom which ease into a magnificent floral heart of ylang and jasmine, leaving a trail of patchouli and amber with every level punctuated by the addictive, alluring and musk accords. The fragrance is packed in a jewelled bottle that embodies the splendour of gold and the sun.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was launched in 1931. The clock was invented with the idea of unlucky broken watch glass in mind. It has a clever dual faced design. The swivel system was held by a rectangular case, which turns down the face of the watch. Particularly designed for British officers playing polo in India in 1931, the watch offers a mechanism that enabled the watch glass to survive the shocks experienced and hard knock during a polo game.

Imperia Speakers from OMA

Imperia Speakers from OMA

OMA looks to the past for its sound designs, crafting their sonic wares out of Pennsylvania hardwoods, slate and steel and evoking the Golden Age of stereo design (think the ’30s through ‘50s).  Their new handmade Imperia speakers are seven-foot beats, a vertical array of conical horns made from black walnut, cherry or ash wood with two rear-loaded subwoofer horns.

An Amazing Miniature House

Miniature house Muji

Tiny home fanatics, rejoice. Muji, the Japanese equivalent of IKEA, recently showcased a trio of prefab “huts” built from cork, aluminium and, our favourite, wood the latter meant to occupy a space somewhere between a summer cabin and a more barebones retreat, with wood interiors, a stove and floor-to-ceiling windows. Also: a traditional Japanese bathtub.

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