As one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the world, London should be on everyone’s to do list. From the incredible architecture to the unique pubs and shops, there is something for every person in this city.

The perfect day in London consists of walking, drinking, eating, and beautiful sightseeing.

Early Morning Ceremony


To start off the day is to arrive early and go to Wellington Barracks, rather than in front of the Palace. This way, you are able to see the guards get ready and march out of the Barracks on their way to the Palace grounds, without being trampled by other tourists.

Next to the Barracks/Palace, St. James’ Park lines the road. Walking through this lovely park shows some amazing perspective into the greenery and animals that roam the London area. Following the road on the right-hand-side of the park will lead to Westminster Abbey, a beautiful church out of a fairytale. Entrance fees for this attraction begin at 20 pounds per adult.

After the church, across the river, is the London Eye. This incredible opportunity allows for a 30-minute ride overviewing the whole of London. At 443 ft at the tallest point, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, though it is not anymore, it still has an unbelievable birds-eye view of the city. Entrance to this attraction starts at 23 pounds.


Heading back on the other side of St. James’ Park is Trafalgar Square. A beautiful statue welcomes you to the area, which is surrounded by pubs, restaurants, double-decker buses, and a large museum (The National Gallery). Exploring artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and more, the exhibition’s are truly inspiring. Entrance here is free.

Relaxing Lunch

A short, ten-minute walk, to Covent Garden for some lunch and shopping will be the perfect relaxing stop. A tea and cake shop, a meat pie cafe, and some bars and restaurants are the ideal lunch spot. Alongside, are some stores to shop at, including an everyday market down the centre strip. The cobblestone streets surround Covent Garden, filled with street performers, including mimes and talented singers.


A bus that picks up next to the square (#15) will take you next to St. Paul’s cathedral, and on to the Tower of London. The Tower is a spectacular place to visit, especially if history is your passion. The Tower has a range of different places to visit, including the most famous, The Crown Jewels. This astounding location is extremely special in the Royal Family’s history, where no pictures are taken and the only way to view the jewels are from movelators. Entrance begins at 21 pounds.


From the Tower of London, amazing views of the Tower Bridge are present. After the exit of the tower, walk over the Tower Bridge, here you will be able to see boat tours, the Belfast, the Shard, and more.

Afternoon Overview

Not too far of a walk (or black cab ride) is the Sky Garden. This is the only attraction which will have to be booked in order to go upstairs. The attraction is free, with an amazing restaurant and cafe at the top. The views from here are breathtaking. Another option for the top-down view of London is the Shard. This attraction is not free, it starts at 30 pounds a person. At this attraction though, a couple of different options can be chosen: the guided tour, champagne experience, or the day & night experience.


To end the afternoon and evening, a nice dinner around town or in a local pub would be perfect. Heading back over towards Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square are the ideal spots to find nightlife and fantastic pubs.

This busy, yet fun-filled day, gives each traveller the chance to explore the city and the tourist locations, while also visiting some of the locals areas. The best of both worlds in London, accurately shows what London can offer and why it is still one of the best cities in the world to visit.

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