Amid the cold and seemingly endless winter months, there is nothing more frustrating than opening your wardrobe to be greeted by gloomy and dowdy colours. When the weather is shocking, on hopes that at least your outfits can be bright and colourful.

Well, the menswear designers agreed, this coming season sartorial styles will be in a vast array of colours. We gents will have plenty to choose from. In order to steer you in the right direction, we have put together our 3 must buy items for this spring 18, but heck, why wait, just wear it now.

Millennial Pink

Spring trends 2018

Now if you’re not already familiar with this on-trend colour, where the hell have you been? This new hue made a splash in 2016, took on a full force in 2017 and is set to light up the menswear fashion scene this summer. Brands like Reiss have already incorporated this shade into their Spring 18 looks for men. A suit head to toe for me will be a must this summer, not because it’s fashionable or on trend, but because I know I am not shy to try this, this ensemble is all about confidence. As colours go, this is a harder to wear trend than the tonal inspired outfits we saw back in 2016, especially if your skin tone is not just right.

The go-to brand for this look is REISS; you may have to rush to your nearest store as the online product is currently out of stock. This is without a doubt, a colour with staying power, so invest now. I recommend for those who are not so bold in their choices to just try a small step, buy a shirt and test the waters. If you are ready to go a little wild with this look, try buying a colourful blazer from the master of menswear TOM FORD.

The Wide Leg Trouser

Spring trends 2018

Now hang on, yes, we are refined men and usually, I would say to look for a tapered pair of trousers. However, before you start imagining Neil from The Young Ones, I’m not talking about flares. This pair of ultra-stylish trousers will add a little more panache to your off-duty look, whilst allowing you to feel ridiculously comfortable. I like a smart pair of wide leg trouser when I’m travelling, they make a long-haul plane journey that more relaxed and keep me looking sharp as a razor.

Where to buy:

Head to Massimo Dutti – Try on their “Casual Fit” style, be warned, you may not want to take them off again. Wear with a soft cotton oxford shirt and smart trainers. If you’re daring like me, find a nice wide leg, dark grey tone and pair with silver patent trainers.

The New New Bomber Jacket

Spring trends 2018

I know this look has been around at least 3 years and sorry gents, it’s not going away, so you may as well embrace it. Being a sartorial fellow, I had a lot of trouble at first incorporating this jacket into a formal style. This jacket is a move on from the heavier varsity jackets we saw worn during the early noughties, I am very happy those days have gone for good now.

My advice would be to start slow and go with an off-duty style before opting for the official statement look. I would go with a grey, black or navy bomber style jacket in leather, a simple block colour tee shirt and nice relaxed tailored denim. Keep the footwear simple when in your relaxed look, classic white tennis trainers will suffice.

If you want to take it to sharper level opt for silver patent trainers if you dare!!

Spring trends 2018

When dressing this look up to a tailored standard, go for a black jacket, white shirt and black silk knitted tie. Add black denim or formal trousers, paired with black lace-up Oxford shoes.

Spring trends 2018

Try the link below for Mr. Porter’s finest selection.

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