If like me and you’re sick of the current weather, I’m sure like me, you’re dreaming of a summer holiday in a far-flung destination. The biggest headache of a holiday abroad is not which hotel to stay in, or which national monument one should visit, no no, it’s what to pack. Depending on your holiday of choice, be it a city break or a tropical beach resort in Aruba, you should have a dapper outfit for every eventuality.

Beach Holiday Attire

As a man who loves exotic adventures, I often take too many clothes, only to find I only wear half of what’s packed in my heavy suitcase. So let me break down a list of must-have pieces you should carry with you.


Not to be underestimated, but good breathable shirts (preferably linen) are a fantastic addition to your sartorial splendor.  Shirts do make a huge difference on your holiday, it stops you looking like Rab C Nesbit or Victor Meldrew, no hanky hats needed here.  A solid array of colours can transform the dullest of chinos or shorts. My obvious colour picks for the summer sun; pink, turquoise, burnt orange, lemon and of course a simple white shirt.

Where to buy

I am a huge fan of Ralph Lauren (for obvious reasons) as they use colours and print in a simple yet stylish way. You can find shirts in all manner of guises, from striped to Gingham checks, Hawaiian prints, to a plain old block solid shade. There are formal looks for the man of international style, and leisure or casual fits for the relaxed anything goes type of guy. Find their amazing looks here www.ralphlauren.com

Shirts Ralph Lauren

How to wear

There are many ways to style your colourful shirts, the most striking way is to mix with white trousers or jeans. This allows the colour and print to be uplifted by the purity of the white base colour. When wearing shorts on the beach, you can mix your floral shorts with a Gingham check, this makes for a charming fusion.

Evening Style

The evenings in a hot tropical country has to be my favorite, one can dress like the man from Del Monte or Tony Montana without feeling out of place, this look is all about confidence. Take with you a linen jacket in a colour palette that suits and compliments the vast collection of shirts you will have at your disposal. Semi-formal trousers are a must have for such holidays, DO NOT wear shorts out in the evenings, no matter how nice they are. A tailored linen trouser looks elegant, flattering, and works with almost every ensemble. I would opt for a tapered leg to really define your look, no one wants to wear ankle swingers.

Double Breasted Blazer

The double breasted blazer is the look of a man who understands style. On a summer holiday, I normally pack one light blue and one dark blue jacket, not forgetting my white double breasted blazer; however, this isn’t for every man. This jacket oozes tailored elegance, the reason it works so well, the jacket can be dressed in many ways. One can wear the look with a light linen shirt and crisp denim, or you can combine it with a more formal trouser, it gives you many opportunities to be smooth. If you are feeling brave go for a standout colour like a red or Salmon pink.

Where to buy

Hackett or Mr. Porter is definitely the place to buy such a dapper style. If your pocket can only stretch to so much, I would consider Massimo Dutti as a great option. Go online to check out their latest collection at hackett.com or for Mr. Porter head here mrporter.com

Double Breasted Blazer

Summer Shoes

By far the biggest space consumer in any suitcase will be your shoes since you cannot fold them, it will eat up valuable space. What you will need to consider here is the style of outfits you are packing, this will determine the flexibility and style of the footwear you can bring. I would always pack, one pair of espadrilles (these are light and can be packed into hand luggage), two pairs of formal shoes and one pair of sports shoes. I always wear one formal shoe to the airport, this means you will have more space and can pack the rest. In my view the tassel loafer is the best form of shoe for such a holiday, it’s formal yet can be worn casually also, pack one black pair and one brown.

Where to buy

Depending on your budget, there are styles and different finishes for every man. My latest discovery is the Aldo Pallini loafer, they are very comfortable and cost effective for one’s budget, and they also come in three colours, now you’re spoilt for choice. Check out ALDO here aldoshoes.com

The Summer Bag

The element most men overlook is a decent beach bag, now I am sure this is not at the top of your priority list, however gents, it should be. A good spacious bag means not having to carry endless objects in your hands since you will have sun lotions, towels, speakers and books, why not make a smart purchase now. Rucksacks are for school children and those riding bikes; they do not belong in the hands of men as refined as yourselves.

Where to buy

Frescobol Carioca is a lifestyle brand that embodies the AMR lifestyle to the fullest. This is an apparel brand that knows how to curate the perfect range of goods just for your enjoyment.  This is must watch brand, check out their splendid wears here. frescobolcarioca.com

Summer Bag

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