So, the New Year is here and with that comes a huge optimism for change, lots of you will be frantically hoping for a better year than the last. Gym memberships will be filled out and utilized for about three months, resolutions will last even less the time, all in the vain hope of ushering a new personal dawn. Our usual suspects will guide you through all of life’s pitfalls, including job prospects, redefining your worth, financial commitments, health, and fitness.

I will of course be discussing style, and showing you the best ways to define a classic style persona of your own. Business style can be confusing and definitely when starting a new job, so lets discuss how its done.

New Job – New Style

If you have managed to negotiate a new job in the new year, well done you. We all need change and what better transformation than a fresh start at a new company. This is the perfect time to reinvent yourself style-wise, so what will you need? Branding yourself is key, we all have abilities, but selling yourself into your new organization is not easy, there are careful steps we should all adhere to.

The White Shirt

In my previous articles, you will have read me waxing lyrically about the importance of a crisp white shirt. This garment can work wonders with any outfit, it’s an easy go-to garment for mornings when you have more to think about than getting dressed. A slim fit white shirt would be my fit of choice, a double cuff is most definitely a serious business look. Remember to buy a full range of fits and styles, fabrication and design can play a huge part in the feel of your shirt. Don’t be afraid to try on your apparel, it’s better to get it right in my view.

Where to buy

I love discovering new mens apparel brands, just like hearing amazing original music, it gives you a sense of inner delight. So Hugh & Crye are a fantastic addition for your wardrobe, a smart brand with a great ethos behind their ideas. They use a fit guide that allows us men to find the perfect size based on our body types. Their quality is amazing, with fabrications feeling smooth like silk against the skin. Check out their shirts here

The Tailored Suit

Every man needs and should own three tailored suits, one in black, one in navy and one in charcoal grey. Now all of the above will look fantastic with the previously mentioned white shirts, and who can resist a man in a tailored suit. If you’ve ever watched the hit TV show Suits, you will know exactly what I mean. The shape of this ensemble will convey a message Harvey Specter style: “I am confident and assured”. Whatever business you work in, your new boss will certainly take notice.

Where to buy

Shop around for a decent tailor, they are worth their weight in gold so take recommendations from those you trust, they hopefully won’t steer you wrong.

The Briefcase

Now to carry your documents from meeting to meeting, you will need something stylish to do it in. A rucksack will not cut it and nor will plastic sleeves, it is in your best interest to make this one of your key purchases. Some of you may think me crazy, but how you bring company documents or presentations to meetings will declare your level of care and attention, remember probationary periods are there for a reason.

Where to buy

My favourite brand for accessories at the moment has to be Alfred Dunhill, the attention to care and detail is second to none, this is a brand who have cultivated a rich history of producing only the finest.

Enrich your life with a peruse of pure elegance here –

The Classic Shoes

Now gentlemen, listen closely I shall say this only once, shoes are VERY important and will ruin a great suit if you are not careful. I always advise taking your suit, or at least the trousers with you when shopping for new business shoes, it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Shape, colour, style and the finish are imperative to pulling off that first-week as the new guy.

The lace up shoe is NOT dead; it still sits in my top 3 of must have shoes and believe me when I say, this separates the men from the boys. A classic black cap toe oxford shoe will do the trick here. This can be worn easily with the black and grey suit.

Where to buy

Camina for me are one of the best shoe designers you can find. They hand pick and hand stitch all of their designs with the precision of brain surgeons. I have never seen a shoe brand with this much love for what they do, its inspiring to watch.

Click away and transformed to an era when products were built to last –
This is the year to step up and become more than you have been in the previous years. Take pride in your appearance, this will be more important than you realize in the future.

Samuel Younge

Native Londoner via Accra Ghana who has spent over 16 years in the fashion and retail industry. Having started his career at Marks and Spencer as a Visual Merchandiser, he quickly realized the impact that visuals have on the average consumer, with this in mind he decided to pursue the profession further.
The obsession grew taking him to many well-known brands including Ralph Lauren, a love affair with men’s tailoring and the style of a dapper gentleman was born.
Having tasted the good life with Americas most preppy fashion label, Samuel Younge decided to redefine his style and way of life to all things sartorial. Today at the ripe old age of 34 he lives in Dubai, dividing his time between work and fatherhood and his lifelong passion to become “A Man Refined”.
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