A changing of the season often brings many wanted or unwanted dilemma’s, the number one being, what to wear. After years of being ignored by the fashion elite, men now have equally as much to look forward to us our female counterparts, we also the added pressure.

As the weather rides towards sunnier days, (unless you live in Dubai like me, where we have only two seasons, hot or ridiculously hot) the call for summer versatile clothing is now here. The spring weather calls for lighter transitional pieces, and a change of colours, this is probably my favourite part of shopping in the summer months.

As usual, the list of brands trying to persuade us to spend our cash in their stores will be endless. So what do you look for, and where will you find that standout piece for the summer to end all summers.

Summer Shorts

This is always a tricky area to get right, and me being the great guy I am, I want to help you out. Having become a custom to the beach life in the last few years, we as men, have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to summer shorts and our style. I know it’s easy to forget oneself in the mad rush to hit the beach or pool, however, your etiquette must remain intact, no one wants to see lobster burnt legs strutting around.

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to getting your legs out, especially in hot the summer months, so let’s get into it…………

Don’t Forget Yourself

When it comes to style, fit and length are important; the latter we will discuss later on, but your style is very significant here. As you get older certain styles will not lend themselves to you or your body shape (this is for the guys who still think they are Stallone, a la Rocky, but actually look like Cartman). Get this part right.

wear spring summer 2017
  • DO NOT – shop in Topman if you are over the age of 30, and have seen a few too many roast dinners. I’m sorry to break it you, that store is just not for you anymore, and NO you are not 18 either. In
  • Go to your nearest ZARA OR MASSIMO DUTTI, they have styles for all shapes, the cater best to the man in his NEW prime.
  • Try on as many fits as possible until you find a length that suits you. No, women don’t want to see your junk, and Danny Dyer is not a style hero you should imitate.
  • Take a female friend who knows you well, if you cannot see the disastrous choices you are making, you at least know she will give you the truth both barrels.
  • Thigh length shorts or just above the Knee is perfectly adequate, any longer and you end up looking like the grunge kids from the movie MALLRATS (not a good look).

The Summer T

Summer is the best time to refresh the t-shirt collection and add some new colours to the mix. Of course, it’s not as easy as it looks, I’m sure you’re thinking a t-shirt is just a t-shirt right? Well, you would be wrong to underestimate the complexities of this unsung hero.  For a start, you have plenty of choices, I would say too much in fact.

Do you go, Crew, V or deep V on the neckline, would you buy a longer length and loose or ribbed and tight? Here are our thoughts……….

  • The best fabrication for summer has to be Cotton, for obvious reasons it’s breathable, find a premium cotton, it will be worth the money, believe me. The lighter the weight the better during the summer months, this is the difference between the cool guy at the beach bar and sweaty guy to avoid.
  • Crew necks are the most commonly worn style by us men, it fits most guys well and adds to create a better physique than you might actually have.
  • A crucial but almost forgotten point for you gents, the LENGTH of your t’s. Yes, there is a trend of longer lengths; however, it’s not for everyone. Make sure you buy a style that rests just on top of your hips and no longer.
  • Classic colours never go out of style, so arm yourself with the right shades to see you through the months ahead. I have many white t-shirts because they are versatile and work with almost every look. Other colours to mention:  Black, Grey, and Navy. If you feel brave, add some new hues to your wardrobe like mint green or a pastel pink.

Summer Shirts

What to wear out in the summer evenings will be the biggest test, and no, your Metallica graphic T is not cool. Shirts are my go to for all occasions, even during the day time in the searing heat; it’s my favourite piece of clothing. I have heard many stylists and men’s commentators rip apart the short sleeve shirt, yet if done with real conviction, it can be a winner.

wear spring summer 2017
  • Long sleeves can be amazing with the right fabrications, but get this wrong and you could spend the night looking like you’ve done the London Marathon twice over. Your choice of sleeve length will depend on the weather during the day or your choice of activity in the evening.
  • When wearing shorter sleeves in the evening, keep the colour tones neutral and minimal, this always allows for a more sophisticated look, the best place to buy this look is definitely COS, if a short sleeve is not your thing, opt for the ¾ length Grandad shirt.
  • The greatest piece of fabric given to the apparel industry has to be LINEN. Although it can crease easily and has no place in the boardroom, it can make for a dashing look when worn with the right combination. The shirts are durable; stretch resistant, and breathable. What more could any man want from an outfit?
  • A gingham shirt during the day is a perfect accompaniment to summer shorts or swimwear, just think J.Crew or Brooks Brothers.

Last But Not Least

  • White trainers should be on the list, preferably leather tennis shoes. These are great for making your style look sharp and crisp.
  • A good pair of sunglasses goes a long way; I am a huge fan of PERSOL and think they have great styles for every face shape. They cost a more than your monthly petrol price, but the technology is worth stumping up the price.
  • Seersucker trousers are just spectacular for the summer, but if you have an aversion to striped trousers; go for the short version instead.

Samuel Younge

Native Londoner via Accra Ghana who has spent over 16 years in the fashion and retail industry. Having started his career at Marks and Spencer as a Visual Merchandiser, he quickly realized the impact that visuals have on the average consumer, with this in mind he decided to pursue the profession further.
The obsession grew taking him to many well-known brands including Ralph Lauren, a love affair with men’s tailoring and the style of a dapper gentleman was born.
Having tasted the good life with Americas most preppy fashion label, Samuel Younge decided to redefine his style and way of life to all things sartorial. Today at the ripe old age of 34 he lives in Dubai, dividing his time between work and fatherhood and his lifelong passion to become “A Man Refined”.
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